At Highlands Vista Group, we seek to create a best-in-class environment where residents, employees, and investors grow together over the long-term. To accomplish this, we strive to serve our investors and our residents, all while understanding property selection and management on every level.

We seek Investors who appreciate alignment of interests with us, and we specifically accept HVG co-investment, look for shared cashflow rather than a heavy fee structure, and a long-term perspective. We pursue a strategy that is lower risk with in-place cash flows and conservative underwriting. Our targeted Resident is one that seeks a great property that is well-managed and includes amenities, unit finishes, exterior finishes, and neighborhood that create a terrific value proposition at the given price level. HVG’s target property fits within our Target Market and Property Investment criteria. We provide a competitive advantage in the ease of execution on transactions, providing certainty that we will close a deal on-time and on-terms; a principal-to-principal transaction that is discretionary while serving the interests of HVG and our investors.

To stay in alignment with our target markets, we have created the HVG PATH. These come from our four core values which are - being passionate, authentic, trustworthy, and hardworking. We are passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on being authentic because it speaks to the type of employees we hire, work with, and house - real, genuine individuals. We rely on one another and pride ourselves on follow-up and follow-through. We aim for better which cannot occur without hard work. Our employees are the backbone to the company and the ones who uphold each of these values. By following the HVG PATH, we strive for perfection and will constantly push to improve.